The place for you that will take your shopping to the next level.

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Pana Green Park is the place that will change your shopping ideas by immersing you in its magic and taking you to a new level. The retail park aims to give a unique experience to its visitors by surprising them with various social and cultural events, different activities, and all sorts of delicious temptations.
Periodically, farmers’ markets will be organized on Pana Green Park‘s territory, where Bulgarian products will be focused. Thanks to these events, you will have the opportunity to serve their authentic taste on your table. In addition to caressing your palate, we will take care of enriching your cultural life. It is planned in the future to hold various entertainment events such as festivals, children’s events, car cinema, and other surprise entertainment.
The new retail treasure of the town of Panagyurishte will shelter you in its embrace of a unique shopping mix, which you will find only here. Thanks to them, you will have the incredible opportunity to ride on the wings of the latest fashion trends, and your wardrobe will be in tune with the latest seasonal collections. Pana Green Park‘s focus is on the innovative future, to which both the unique architectural design and the open spaces further contribute. The inspiration for them comes from the magic of the surrounding nature of Sredna Gora.
Pana Green Park‘s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only retail park in the city and the surrounding area, whose mission is to bring a new experience to its visitors, make shopping a true pleasure, and prove to be the place for you.


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