KiK – fashion, decorations, household and more

KiK is among the leading fashion discounter chains in Germany, with almost 4,000 stores in Europe. The company’s guiding principle is embedded in the name: behind KiK stands “Kunde ist König” (“The customer is king”).
In KiK stores, everyone can find great ideas for their clothing, as well as many other products for the whole family: decorations, children’s toys, cosmetics, accessories, home textiles and more.
“It is important for us not only to offer high-quality products at good prices, but also to take care of compliance with social and environmental standards. In our opinion, the words profitable and humanely produced are not mutually exclusive! Our good prices are especially appreciated by families, young mothers and fathers, as well as customers who are looking for good prices.”

Working hours: 10:00 – 20:00
Store contact: +359 350 89 120


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