Pana Green Park – the new retail treasure of Panagyurishte

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retail treasure

Panagyurishte is a town with a rich history. Cozy in the green embrace of Sredna Gora, it continues to preserve the memory of the April Uprising and the heroes who once roamed its streets. Apart from its colorful history, the people of Panagyurishte are also proud of The Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte, a magnificent work of art composed of a set of nine golden vessels, which amazes both foreign and domestic connoisseurs.
Steadily positioned on the city’s achievements from the past, we look to the future and strive to improve the present. The goal around which we unite is to recreate the necessary amenities for a better lifestyle here and now.

Our first step is to “carve and encrust” the new retail treasure of the city of Panagyurishte, which will bring an advanced reading of urban aesthetics – Pana Green Park.

The park is the first and only one in the city that combines open spaces, modern architectural design, and innovation. We have selected a unique merchant mix of famous foreign and Bulgarian brands which are opening their stores in the region for the first time. We have thought and paid attention to even the tiny details so that you can fully enjoy every moment of visiting the retail park and the experience to be maximum. The desired style, comfort, and class will be just a few steps away.
Pana Green Park is the place for you that will turn a dull market day into a new, exclusive experience. We can safely say that the retail park will become a favorite shopping destination for all residents and guests of the city.


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