Mandatory shopping destination – Pana Green Park

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Nowadays, shopping has become an integral part of people’s daily lives. For some, it may be tiresome, but for most, it is enjoyable. Are you wondering what tipped the scales in favor of the latter? Well, of course, the overall experience that the store itself can provide and the pleasure of discovering everything that suits your taste.

Undoubtedly, Pana Green Park is the new place that brings together stores with different trends. It gives you the freedom to choose and the opportunity to find what you are looking for. Thanks to the rich trade mix, the park is becoming your must-see shopping destination.

Are you wondering what you will find in Pana Green Park? We will not waste any more time. We will share it with you immediately.

BILLA is the first international supermarket chain in Bulgaria. To this day, the company continues to develop its sales network of supermarkets and provide its customers with the quality fresh products they want, such as meat, bread, fruits and vegetables, delicacies, and everything necessary for daily shopping at excellent prices.

PEPCO is an international chain of stores, in which you can find clothes for the whole family and home products at reasonable prices. The social priorities of the PEPCO chain of stores are aimed at children and improving the quality of their free time, development, and education, and ensuring equal opportunities in their lives.

KiK is one of the largest textile chain stores. Her name is an acronym for the German words “Kunde ist König”, which translated into English means – “The customer is king”. Here you can find the latest fashion trends in clothes with the best quality at reasonable prices. The range includes various products – decorations, toys, cosmetics, accessories, home textiles, and much more.

Lilly Drogerie is the chain in which every family member will find something useful, relevant, different, and necessary. They love innovation, do not stop evolving, and offer the best to their customers.

If you want to find out what the other shops in Pana Green Park are, you will have to visit the retail park. We are sure that it will become your favorite shopping destination.


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